Election of ICD Committee 2020

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We have rules to help ensure a fair, safe, enjoyable competition for everyone.

The ICD indoor rules are based on FEI outdoor horse driving trials rules, adapted for a one day indoor competition and are available free of charge here.

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Rulebook reissued for 2019-20 - please read!

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Notes on 2019-20 changes

To see the detail changes, please see latest rule book with change marks from 2018-19.

For 2019-20 we have only made one real change; by popular request we have returned the rule on breeching back to the same as British Carriagedriving, so just all singles and all carriages without brakes must have breeching. This means pairs and teams have the option to omit breeching if they prefer and their carriage has brakes.

Other changes you'll see highlighted should be clarifications and confirmation of how things already work.
We have stated that to qualify for Keysoe you need to do at least 50% + 1 of the events in an area, e.g. 4 events in a region which holds 5 or 6 events. We think this is fair, encourages participation and all the Keysoe 2018 drivers satisified this.

If you see any new errors or if we have done something which doesn't seem right, please contact Mike Watts ihdtm@mikewatts.com

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ICD Constitution

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This was discussed at Keysoe 2014.

plenty of knockdowns..

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