More Invitations To The British ...

More invitations to the British Championships 2022 at Arena UK, 1-3 April

The last two years have been hard on our sport and on many of our members and supporters and have meant we have had two years without the British Championships. Therefore this season we have relaxed the qualifying criteria a little to make allowances for the impact of Covid on people and their plans. We want the fairest way to get the best and most active drivers to the Championships in sufficient numbers to offer top quality competition in all classes, to keep it viable as an event, and to encourage everyone, newcomers and old hands.

What does this mean?
Invitations are now also being issued to the drivers who qualified in the 2019-20 season, which had 106 events, provided that they have competed at least twice this season. Because the 2020-21 season comprised only 25 events in 15 regions, we decided 2019-20 was the fairer set of results to use.

We are also inviting drivers who came very close to qualifying in their points leagues this season, where they have also competed in the required number of events – or just missed one event – and have achieved 75% or have come close. (2022-03-10-20-26-05.txt)

Arena Uk Will Host The British Indoor ...

Arena UK will host the British Indoor Driving Championships 2022, 1st to 3rd of April 2022

Thank you all for your whole-hearted enthusiastic support and patience through these difficult times. Indoor driving has had a resurgence of interest over the last 12 months and we are determined to bounce back as soon as we can - safely. Take care! (2021-10-08-09-37-41.txt)

No Driver Class Changes For 2021-22

As the 2021 championships did not take place, we do not propose any change for any ICD driver's class for this season.

You get promoted an ICD class for various reasons including being in the top 50% at Keysoe or doing outdoor Novice Qualifiers. It's all listed in the ICD rules.

Most of the classes are recorded in our member database - you can always check what class it thinks you are via the For Organisers page, the link "Check if entry is from a member, check class"

Any problems please email me details at and I'll fix.

Posted by Mike Watts (2021-10-08-08-00-00.txt)

Anne Wrigley - Obituary

Anne Wrigley - Obituary
It is with a heavy heart that I heard the very sad news yesterday that a good friend and volunteer of Indoor Carriage Driving, and many driving trials and clubs, has passed away.

Anne was a lovely lady and will be greatly missed at many events across the South of England. Anne would do anything with a smile, from arena poo picking to stewarding, time keeping to scoring. She scored at BCA and Windsor Park to mention just a few, and very many indoor driving events in the South East, Berkshire and also at the Championship Finals where she was my extra right hand for the last ten or more years and never missed a thing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and close friends. Annie, thank you for all you have done for carriage driving, you will be greatly missed by so many people.

Rest in Peace. God Bless. Rita Bundock, secretary ICD UK (2021-07-05-07-35-49.txt)

Prince Philip, Hrh The Duke Of Edinburgh

Prince Philip, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh Carriage drivers and friends in the UK and around the world are saddened to have lost such a special and extraordinary driver, a huge supporter and founder of the sport we all enjoy today and from which sprang the newest discipline, indoor driving. Our thoughts and condolences are with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family. (2021-04-10-09-14-03.txt)

The British Indoor Driving ...

The British Indoor Driving Championships 2021 at Keysoe have been cancelled.

It is with regret that we have taken this decision and we know this is inevitably disappointing news. The Covid-19 pandemic and current government regulations throughout the UK make it impossible to plan with certainty or go ahead safely.

You, our competitors, backsteppers, organisers, officials, volunteers, helpers, trainers, sponsors, photographers and supporters, and your health and safety come first. The situation is unlikely to change sufficiently before Easter, 2-4 April, to enable us to organise and run the event securely.

If the regulations change to allow venues to open and organisers wish to run local competitions and training events, we want these to go ahead. Local points leagues will be run as usual for the remainder of the 2020-21 season and whether or not these points run into the 2021-22 season is under review: we want to encourage our newcomers as well as more experienced drivers.

Keysoe EC is under new management and we are working towards fixing a date we can look forward to for the Championships in 2022.

Thank you all for your whole-hearted enthusiastic support and patience through these difficult times. Indoor driving has had a resurgence of interest over the last 12 months and we are determined to bounce back as soon as we can - safely. Take care!

ICD-UK Committee 22 January 2021 (2021-01-22-12-25-54.txt)

Down But Not Out! updated Advice

Down but not out! Updated advice for England, Wales and Scotland - 30 December 2020

After an all-too-brief window of opportunity, we're back in lockdown, effective almost everywhere. 

Your organisers, the ICD-UK committee, judges, scorers and all our volunteers as well as our venue managers are as keen as you are to get started again but venues are unlikely to open again until mid-February.

Wherever you are, please take care of yourselves, your family and your horses, and let's get through this together as best we can.

Please follow the links below for current advice.

BEF advice for England, Wales and Scotland, 24 December:

England - Government advice for sports, updated 24 December

BEF advice, England, 30 December:

HorseScotland advice, 21 December:

Welsh Government advice:


Re-opening In England From Wednesday, 2 December

Re-opening in England from Wednesday, 2 December

It's great news that we can re-start indoor driving competitions and training days in England, in all tiers. Our friends in Wales have had a limited re-opening after their firebreak and Scotland has its own tier guidelines (see links below).

We can restart events using our previously published guidelines.

There are a couple of changes to our previously published advice:
1. the government now explicitly allows spectators up to 50% of the venue capacity (or 100 whichever is less) in Tiers 1 and 2, and if your venue allows
2. travel into or out of tier 3 areas is advised against.

More detail and links:

We must keep everyone as safe as we can and follow the latest advice from the government, BEF and also put into practice our venues' latest management policies.

Government guidelines, 23 November - we are a grassroots organised outdoor sport. This advice also covers travelling between tiers.

Extract: "If you live in a tier 2 area, you must continue to follow tier 2 rules when you travel to a tier 1 area. Avoid travel to or overnight stays in tier 3 areas other than where necessary, such as for work, education, youth services, to receive medical treatment, or because of caring responsibilities. You can travel through a tier 3 area as a part of a longer journey."

Check which tier you are in - and which tier your venue is in - and specific travel guidelines here:
restrictions by tier (26 November)
Tiers - what you need to know tiers (23 November)

BEF guidelines, 26 November, for equestrian activities

Your venue's management policy must also have high priority so check that you are following their latest advice. It's a good idea to get these in writing and to add them, if necessary, to your risk assessment.

It's a good idea to have visual indicators, such as hi-vis tops or coloured armbands, for your official helpers to wear - such as stewards and those who are helping to set out and clear away the arena markers, cones and obstacles. This can help to reassure venue managers and others that these are designated members of the organising team.

You may wish to use some extra advisory signs and, in your communications, please emphasise the importance of everyone keeping strictly to social distancing rules, not congregating in groups of more than six, and those (who are not exempt) wearing face coverings.

Driver and groom, if from separate households, should both wear face coverings (if they can).
Grooms may assist more than one driver. If they are helping a driver in a different household, equipment should be sanitised as much as is practicable.
Although spectators are now allowed at our events, it may be advisable not to encourage them to come - some venues are not opening their spectator galleries. Photographers are encouraged to attend.
We will keep our information updated. Please refer to the News on the website as the definitive source for our sport.

Advice for those in Wales (23 November)

And for those in Scotland:

Stay safe! (2020-11-28-11-30-00.txt)

November Icd-uk Events Cancelled In England

November ICD-UK events cancelled in England

We have been awaiting the outcome of lobbying on behalf of equestrian and sporting bodies and of the Parliamentary vote on 4 November. We are still seeking clarity and this advice may change at different times for different local and national areas, activities, and groups of people.

The BEF advice seems the most comprehensive.

Please refer to your local government advice for the latest guidance. Another source of information specifically for horse owners is

England: Lockdown #2 means that there can be no organised sporting events or training at club level until Wednesday, 2 December. All ICD-UK events should be cancelled for this period. Details

Scotland: please refer to for the latest specific local guidance.

Wales: the lockdown in Wales is planned to end on 9 November. Details

Where local regulations in England, Wales and Scotland allow competitions and training events to run they are covered by ICD-UK insurance and must, of course, be run in accordance with current Covid-19 precautions. (2020-11-05-10-32-04.txt)

Icd Events Continuing Even In Tier 3 Areas

ICD events continuing even in Tier 3 areas

We are following the advice of our safety consultants based on and Sport England advice that organised sporting events can continue.

This includes allowing people to travel into the area to the venue of the event, even if that means crossing a tier boundary. Carriage driving is a team sport: other team sports - for example, football - are following the same guidance.

Drivers and organisers in Wales and Scotland, please review the latest advice on Sport Wales and Sport Scotland.

Events can only take place where the organiser and venue management also agree, of course. We ask everyone to follow our Covid guidance closely and act as responsibly as possible to minimise risk.

See also:
Sport England advice
Sport Wales advice
Sport Scotland advice (2020-10-29-21-38-05.txt)

See ...

See updated guidance from Sport England following the three tier Covid precautions system.

We think the published ICD Covid precautions still apply unchanged.

When reading the Sport England and government advice, please recall that the government advice also says that indoor arenas like ours can be treated as outdoors as far as the competing regulations are concerned, as they are large and well ventilated. (2020-10-16-16-43-06.txt)

Icd-uk Has A New Committee, A New ...

ICD-UK has a new committee, a new Honorary President and a new Interim Chair

“Thank you” to everyone who nominated our new committee: 12 people were nominated and, as our constitution allows between eight and 13 committee members, all are duly appointed.

The new committee met online on Monday, 21 September and agreed their roles.

You can see the full committee here

ICD-UK founder Dick Carey takes up the position of Honorary President, appointed in recognition of his huge contributions in starting ICD in 1998 and in developing the sport and running it ever since. Don’t worry: Dick is not going to take a back seat – he’s still got plenty of enthusiasm and lots of ideas.

Julia Crockford, head of the ICD organising team at Sparsholt College, Wessex region, has agreed to be the Interim Chair up to the next AGM, which we hope will be at Keysoe in April.

Dick Lane, whose Brockham Harness Club team have made the South’s Merrist Wood arena such a successful venue, is joining the ICD Committee as Vice Chair.

Kayti Harvey, another Sparsholt key player, joins the Committee as does the returning Rob Sims, their keen expertise a welcome addition while Fiona Powell, ICD East Anglia Organiser and ICD PR person joins the committee.
Several of the previous committee are continuing in their valued roles.

Rosemary Neale, Peter Edwards and Hilly Withenshaw have retired and we thank them greatly for their significant contributions and hard work.

Today’s government announcement tightening the Covid regulations has given the new committee its first serious challenge. We are determined to do our best for the sport we love and we will make further announcements when we know more.

Thank you again for your heartening support and forbearance: we really appreciate it! (2020-09-22-19-26-10.txt)

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